We are a specialist letting agency and we have a passion for renovating landlords’ properties and turning them into fantastic homes for the professional rental sector. Where necessary, we finance 100% of the work costs, giving the owners absolute peace of mind.

In most cases, the value of their properties increases by at least £30,000. Furthermore, these properties then attract very good working professionals who always pay their rent and look after the properties.

We literally take away the paid of owning and renting out properties, leaving owners to benefit and gain financially from their most valuable asset. They do not have to do anything, except sit back and see their properties transformed into beautiful homes that generate more rent than they could have acquired by managing the properties themselves, with all of the hassle that entails. They are free to concentrate on their jobs, businesses and their fun times, in the certain knowledge that their properties are in safe hands. We also offer a free, no obligations advisory service.

The Benefits and services that we provide are as follows:-

  • We offer FREE initial advice to help you to make the right decision
  • Renovation of Property – we often do this
  • Financing – we finance the renovations ourselves, giving the owners absolute peace of mind.
  • We free up our the owners’ time, which reduces their stress levels
  • We Provide good tenants – we only deal with working tenants
  • Guaranteed Rents – we can offer long-term rent guaranteed tenancies
  • Lower Fees – we do not have expensive offices, and so can pass cost savings onto landlords
  • Property Maintenance – all of our properties are very well maintained

Learn PM’s seminars are based on the combined knowledge and experience of 8 years direct property management. They cover all aspects of the day-to-day running of rental properties ranging from finance to tenant management.

Learn PM have now developed and fine turned a property management system that if adopted will improve your cash flow; profits and the efficiency of the running your portfolio.


The director, Leroy Dilworth of Total has been managing a portfolio of rental properties, consisting of HMO’s and single-let properties since 2003.

He has an MSc from University and is also a Chartered Civil Engineer, and decided to go into the Property Business in 2003.